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Fun and Flirty Fashion- Active Wear

Maybe you remember the workout wear mania after Olivia Newton John’s Lets Get Physical hit the radio airwaves and the new medium of music videos. Multicolored sweats with leg warmers and headbands were all the rage. Looking back it was pure kitschy. Today they don’t call in workout gear. It’s active wear and it’s pretty cute.

With an ever expanding market for active wear, we have choices while we keep fit and stay a little flirty. Keliana is a company worth taking a look at.

The goal of the company is to promote a sense of well-being in women. Most of us devote out lives to caring for and nurturing others. Thinking about ourselves sometimes is way down on our list of things to do. However, one of the advantages of being north of forty is coming to the realization that we are our own best resource. It is important to take care of our mind, body and soul.

My morning yoga routine is what helps me focus for the day ahead. I love the ease of active wear and it’s cute to boot. With so many brands to choose from, it’s easy to miss some newer names to the game. That is the case with Keliana. Their core of their philosophy is the image of a tree with its roots embedded in rich soil. When the tree is nourished, all parts of the tree benefit. The limbs grow longer, the branches get stronger and the leaves are brighter. A tree is a great metaphor for women. When we are fed mind, body and soul, everything in our lives gets stronger and better for it. With a focus on establishing a network of growth and positivity. Their yoga/active wear and accessories will help us in our growth. Whether you do yoga, take a spin class, or just run errands with your Fit-Bit. Keliana makes active wear exercise and to be seen in. While looking cute.

Piper Set
Keliana New Arrivals
Oksana Marble Set
Keliana sets
Britt Bra
Active Wear for All Bodies
All Body

I’m a new brand ambassador to the company. It’s the first time I’ve ever accepted the offer, I base my decisions on the quality of the products, their mission statement, affordability, and body/size inclusiveness. Keliana checked all the boxes. Check them out for late summer/early fall active wear and accessories. I know you won’t be disappointed.

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