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Fashion Fit to Live and Write In

Whether you’re single, a single parent, or married, all of us have a certain rhythm in our lives that we’re used to. Most of us go to work everyday and take care of children and in some cases, older parents as well. All of which means we have a lot of working parts in what seems to be perpetual motion. When Covid-19 entered our lexicon and lives, it threw a wrench into everything.

In the beginning, the slowdown was welcome. We finally had a chance to take a breather from the hectic pace of life. People went back into the kitchen and made comfort foods to get through all the changes and stresses the pandemic brought to our lives. Moreover, it also meant we could ditch the work clothes, at least from the waist down. We got to be comfortable, maybe a little too comfortable. If you thought the freshmen fifteen was in your rearview mirror, we now have the Covid-19 just in time for being around people again.

With the reopening of businesses and offices, it’s time to get dressed for work again. Many offices have decided to relax their dress requirements to make it a little easier to get reacclimated to life in a cubicle. The key is to find clothing to fit your work and life out and about.

Clothes that look and feel good

Luckily, designers and clothing manufacturers were watching and listening. Athleisure is a hybrid of workout clothes and loungewear, which makes for super versatile pieces that can go from the gym to the couch and even to the office.

I’ve discovered quite a few brands with styles that appeal to the north of forty-plus women and writers on the move. Halara is a company I saw on TikTok. If you’re a tennis fan like me, their Wannabe dress with biker shorts is right up your alley. It’s form-fitting and the short has pockets. (I love pockets). The material is breathable and will keep you looking cute when you’re out and about. Their sizes range through plus-size 3X.

Their leggings come in a variety of styles to suit different body types and can be dressed up or down with a jacket or shirt to wear to the office, but that depends on your offices’ vibe. It’s great to meet friends for coffee, or a quick stop in the grocery store. It’s functional and stylish.

If you’d like to see more of what Halara offers and look through the range of sizes, visit their website. Or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok

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