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Skin is the largest of our organs. However, unlike the other major organs, it’s exposed to both internal and external elements.  At its most basic, skin covers the entire body. It serves as a protective shield against heat, light, injury, and infection. The skin also: Regulates body temperature, and is comprised of three layers:

Skin Basics

  1. Epidermis: The epidermis is the thin outer layer.
  2. Dermis: The dermis is the middle layer.
  3. Subcutaneous fat layer: The  deepest layer of skin. It consists of a network of collagen and fat cells. 

All ethnicities have the same skin, and every single person has melanin. According to information available from Avail Dermatology, there are two types of melanin: eumelanin and pheomelanin. The former is what makes skin darker, while the latter does the opposite by creating red or pink shades. The more eumelanin a person has, the darker their skin is. The more pheomelanin they have, the lighter they are.

Skin issues

Acne, eczema, scarring, and sun damage can cause hyperpigmentation and result in dark spots. Women over forty and fifty-plus may see dark patches on spots appear as a result of melasma, which may occur with hormonal changes, particularly during perimenopause and menopause. This type of hyperpigmentation is something found in all women but can be pronounced in black and brown women.

There are many products available to help fade these blotchy patches. Most contain hydroquinone, or retinoids like Tretinoin and are available in higher percentages when prescribed by a doctor.  These creams work but can take up to six months in order to see any improvement. To that end, we decided to look into different skincare lines that all claim to help achieve an even skin tone.

Product Line Review- Buttah by Dorion Renaud

My sister told me about this skincare line after its founder, Dorian Renaud appeared on HSN. A model, actor, recording artist, and CEO of Buttah Skin, Dorion Renaud isn’t new to being in the spotlight. He’s been featured in Vogue and graced the catwalk and the television screen as a host for NBC’s EXTRA, E’s Keeping up with the Kardashians, and starred on the Bounce sitcom, “In the Cut”.

Buttah is the result of his personal search to find products to work for his skin. When he found the right combination of ingredients, Buttah was born. Dorion created a product that works on the wondrous spectrum of complexions found in Black, Latino, and brown people.  The goal of these products is to target everyday issues such as dryness, discoloration, oiliness, and blemishes.

The products come in two categories; Buttah Skin and Buttah Body. The goal of both is to improve the appearance of skin brightness and skin tone evenness in melanin-rich skin.

 My sister and brother-in-law were the first to order and I followed suit. Here’s a little bit about the products we used.


Buttah Body and Skin

To be sure the products are workable for you, Buttah offers a customizable sample kit of three products for $15.00. You have your choice of three moisturizers CocoShea Revitalizing Cream, Facial Shea butter, oil-free gel cream

The CocoShea Revitalizing Cream is a blend of African rich-butters, Hyaluronic Acid (for moisture), and Vitamin E.

Verdict: The cream was light and despite containing shea butter, wasn’t greasy and proved to be non-comedogenic (didn’t clog pores) my sister saw an improvement in her skin tone in a little over three weeks.

The Oil-Free Hyaluronic Gel Cream moisturizer with grapeseed extract.

The verdict: The lightness of the cream belies its level of hydration. My skin absorbed the moisture and remained perfectly hydrated. I began to see an evening of my tone within about two weeks. I committed to buying the full-size version pretty quickly.  

The third option for the sample kit is the facial shea butter. My brother-in-law thinks it’s great for conditioning skin after shaving and it helps even skin tone without clogging pores.

The Buttah body line is comprised of luxurious body washes, soaps, creams, and body butter. They are all terrific and leave your body smooth and feeling nourished.

Overall, we found Buttah products to be priced right and a good investment to make in terms of the mind, body, and soul connection. When your skin both looks and feels good, it adds to your confidence. Feeling good about yourself comes from the inside. However, products that help better the health and look of your skin, helps to strengthen our body-image armor as we become more ageless.  

Buttah products are organic, cruelty-free, FDA-registered, and clinically validated.

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