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Our History

Welcome to the Chamein Canton Literary Agency. Chamein Canton is a literary agent and an author. As such, the agency is truly an author’s agent with and understanding of both sides of the publishing table.

Chamein Canton has been a literary agent for almost twenty years. A successful author of fiction and nonfiction, she helps to guide authors through the publishing process as the industry currently stands. Chamein is looking for romance, chick-lit, and women’s fiction authors. She has a special interest in female authors who are over forty and fifty-plus. Chamein is also interested in young adult, literary, LGBTQ, and contemporary genres. She also is looking for new and fresh takes on cookbooks, health/ wellness/nutrition, mind/body, how-to, spiritual, and business books that bring a fresh voice and perspective to the table.

Senior Agent, Eric Smith has been in publishing for over twenty years, Originally the founder of Dreyer Helland Agency, he subsequently partnered with Chamein Canton to form the Canton Smith Agency. In 2008, Chamein became the lead and founding agent of CC Literary Agency. Now a licensed therapist and counselor in San Antonio, Eric continues to work as an agent reviewing and acquiring clients. He looks for fantasy, paranormal, spiritual titles in fiction and nonfiction, but he’s open to traditional fiction too.

As a small agency, they only work with proactive writers who are ready to do the work to get noticed and to sell themselves as authors who will make wonderful front and back-list authors for the Big-Five, independent, and small publishing companies.

To Query during open submissions for fiction please query with a one-page letter, a synopsis, and the first two chapters.

For Nonfiction, submit a query letter with your bio and a nonfiction book proposal with three sample chapters.

Chamein Canton
Photo of Eric Dreyer Smith, MA, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor in San Antonio
Eric Smith, Senior Agent

They are open to submissions from September 1 to November 1. They are closed to submissions through the holidays. Submissions for winter/spring resume January 15th through March 15th. Late spring is April 20th through May 20th

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