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Still a chick-lit is the term Chamein Canton uses to describe the books she writes. As of now, the genre term for books authored by women who are north of forty and fifty-plus, particularly if the main characters are of the same age, are referred to as matron lit or seasoned romance.  Now, everyone knows that no one wants to be called a matron. Wearing something that looks matronly, is the kiss of death in fashion. As for romances with older characters, seasoned makes it sound as if it belongs in the cookbook section.

More than ever, age is just a number. It is not representative of how we feel as women. In fact, many women are looking younger than ever. If forty is the new twenty, sixty is the new thirty. More importantly, we know more about life and can put it to good use. 

Chamein is the best novelist you haven’t read. Check out her award-winning Not His Type and follow up The More Things Change. Bliss Inc, Waiting For Mr. Darcy, Mixed Reality, I Take This Woman, and North of Forty are all great books that are fun reads for everyone.

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Beverly Avenue Blues

It begins with just a couple of friendly drinks between strangers…

Divorced mother and professor, Dr. Camille Anderson thought she’d have a lovely evening for two with her boyfriend, only to discover three’s company and she’s the odd woman out. Dr. Gregory Matthews leaves his busy practice for his engagement party. Only he and his fiancee haven’t engaged in any bedroom activity in the seven months since he put a ring on it. At the party, she’s more interested in the wedding than she is the groom. Feeling even more left out, he leaves knowing he won’t be missed. That’s when two people who would normally never cross paths meet at an upscale bar. Both want to forget the day’s events. There’s a couple of drinks, conversation, and a little flirting. Before the night is out, they throwing caution to the wind and give into the palpable attraction they feel and give into passion, safely. The two strangers connect on a level that neither anticipated, but leave their night together behind in the hotel room and return to their lives outside of the inn, never to see one another again…or so they thought.

Although always a superwoman, Camille has lived life with MS for more than a decade. After she leaves the hotel, she has an exacerbation, spends some time in the hospital, and winds up on an extended medical sabbatical. Gregory sells his beloved bachelor pad and closes on a large home in an affluent neighborhood. He seems resigned to whatever is or is not happening with his fiancee in the bedroom. Fiancee, Lizzie, packs most of his stuff away in storage for a paired down move-in day. Meanwhile, there’s a new family moving into her beloved neighbor’s house. Camille takes it upon herself to make up a welcome the new family to Beverly Avenue with a basket of muffins, bagels, and jams she’s made while not being a good patient at home. After the movers are gone, Gregory wanders around his new big house with just his thoughts and anxieties to keep him company until the doorbell rings. When he opens it, he’s as stunned to see Camille again as she is to lay eyes on him in her neighborhood. There’s no need to preach love thy neighbor to these two. They have to figure out how to get past what happened between them, but the attraction that brought them together in the first place is still there.

Is it fate? Is it a sign? Bad luck or destiny? Camille and Gregory find themselves wondering if a happily ever after can happen from a single night together. They’re going to find out that and much more on Beverly Avenue.


Take a peek at Beverly Avenue Blues

Tie in hand, Gregory stood at the entrance for Brasserie. Although tired of North Shore proper, the Inn At Great Neck was in the area and convenient. He pocketed his tie, then scanned the restaurant. His attention landed on a sexy, long-legged, voluptuous woman with sort of auburn and reddish hair in a black dress with white trim. It looked like she was alone.  Intrigued he made his way over to the empty barstool next to her and was belly up. 

“What can I get for you?”

“I’ll have the Macallan scotch, neat.”

“You got it.” The bartender put a coaster down and a rocks glass on top. He poured a finger of scotch.  “Here you go.”

“Thanks.” Gregory sipped, then looked at Camille’s near-empty glass. “I see this young lady needs a refill.”

“It would seem so. Miss, would you like another?”

Camille nodded. “I beg your pardon. What did you say?”

“The gentleman here would like to get you a refill. Would you like one?”

Camille turned and finally noticed the sexy man on the barstool to her right. “I’m sorry to seem rude. I was somewhere else for a moment.”

The beauty’s almond-shaped eyes, perfectly full lips, and cream-like complexion were bathed in the warm gold tones of the lights; together it made her look both angelic, a little devilish, and sexier. Gregory exhaled.  Wherever she was, I wish I was there with her. He silently collected himself.  “So, do you have money riding on it?”

“On what?”

“The game.” He pointed to the television. “You were so engrossed, I thought maybe you placed a bet.”

“Oh, no.” She laughed. “I like sports, but not enough to need a bookie.”

He chuckled. “It’s just a little white noise for you.”

“Exactly. If I could have it pumped into my brain, I’d do it.” She sighed. “If the offer stands, I’d like to take you up on the refill.”

“Very good.” He paused. “A refill for the lovely lady.” Gregory put his empty glass down. “I’ll have another.”

“Coming right up.” The bartender mixed another Cosmo.” Here you go, Miss.” He got the bottle of Macallan and poured.

“Wow. I’m really not much of a drinker, but I know a lot of scotch aficionados and Macallan is on their scotch bucket list. Something to do with the Sherry oak, fruity taste and honey back notes.”

He nodded. “For someone who doesn’t drink scotch, I’m impressed.  You must have scotch drinkers in the family.”

“Sort of.” She smiled. In academia, Camille knew many pipe-smoking, tweed-wearing professors who could only afford to talk about imbibing 25-year-old scotch.

Gregory raised his glass. “Cheers.”

Camille followed suit. “Cheers.”

He downed the scotch. “Another, please. Let’s make it a double this time.” Gregory pointed to the empty glass.

 “Wow, I thought I was having a night. I’m scared of you.” Camille laughed.

He grinned. What a sexy laugh. Gregory thought as he picked up the happy hour menu. “Maybe I should get something from the menu. What do you think?”

“I think it’s good to have something in your stomach, but I’d like the menu better if they called it the make yourself happy menu, but that’s just me.”

“How about I’d like to forget about the day menu.”

“Sounds like a winner to me.”

“Thank you… I didn’t catch your name.”

“I didn’t toss it.” As she sipped, Camille peered over the glass.  Her eyes looked sultry and mysterious. This could be interesting. Maybe I’ll step over the line this time, safely. There’s a first time for everything. She thought as she twirled her hair.

“Oh, I hear you.”

“Good.” I don’t do this, but you only live once and he’s handsome.. I’m just flirting.

A night with a beautiful woman in a bar. We’re just talking.  Gregory thought. “The night is young.” He raised his glass.



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