Cathy Chambers is a successful literary agent and divorced mother of twins. A confident, curvy woman, she has a great family, business and her favorite team, The Yankees rarely disappoint her. 0 for 2 in relationships, Cathy redirects her ardor to the perfect man, Yankees’ shortstop, Marcus Fox. He meets her requirements. He’s gorgeous, wears pinstripes and is completely unattainable.In addition to being a great athlete beloved by New Yorkers, Marcus was loved by his share of beautiful women. Yet he hadn’t found the one who truly captured his heart.By chance, Marcus and Cathy meet at his favorite place for lunch. He’s captivated by the curvy, confident, redhead and her ample assets. He makes it a point to meet her, sparks ignite and they eventually begin to date. Marcus is the catch and he wants Cathy. Now, how will the world and his ex, a supermodel, deal with him falling for a curvy, over forty woman who for all intents and purposes, is not his type.