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Welcome to a place where we celebrate fun and. Read my curvy and flirty fiction . Get a peek at a recipe or two from two upcoming cookbooks and my life as Mom and Auntie Mimicakes.

There will be fashion and weddings inspired by Down That Aisle In Style A Wedding Guide For Full-Figured Brides. In the spirit of inclusion, I’ll feature a north of forty or fifty plus author, you should get to know. Her you will find a celebration of life, love, happiness, health, family and an open spirit.

Welcome to Still A Chick Lit

“In Hollywood there are only three ages for women, babe, D.A., and Driving Miss Daisy.”

First Wives Club 1996

Fine wines have always gotten better with age, but women over forty or fifty, there was no getting better, there was an expiration date. The truth is forty in my grandmother’s day and forty now doesn’t look the same. Eleanor Roosevelt was 48 when she became First Lady. Michelle Obama was 45. Nothing against Eleanor, she was a fine First Lady. I’m just saying. Even image and age driven Hollywood has taken note. In the last two years blockbuster and big budget movies featured lead actors over forty-five and fifty. A fifty-year old Jennifer Lopez saved halftime for the Superbowl in 2020. Fifty-three-year-old, Halle Berry, sizzled next to Keanu Reeves in John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum. Forty and fifty-somethings are fabulous and lighting up the big and small screen. Why hasn’t the book world caught up?

A Category is Born

Still a chick lit refers to fiction for women who are north of forty and fifty who still feel and look fabulous. They’re not doing needlepoint, unless they want to. The days when we were shuffled off into a dark corner waiting for “the change” to turn us into weeping, overheated, and irrationally angry monsters, is gone. Today’s north of 40 & 50 plus women are still finding adventures at work and at play. The second act of their lives is where all the action is. We’re living, loving, cooking, and looking better than ever. So, why did they call it matron-lit when there’s not a woman or fashion designer out there that thinks matron in any sentence is a compliment. Unless the category was for female prison guards. Whom I’m sure wouldn’t take kindly to it either. The seasoned romance moniker is a little bit better, but I’m a cook. I think about putting salt, pepper, and spices into food. Well, maybe that isn’t too bad of a name, most of us are keeping our lives spicy, whatever way we like it.

Still A Chick Lit is for women who want to read books with relatable characters. I am all for a happily ever after, but I have yet to see one get to that place without a few not so pretty or big bumps in the road. The characters in my fiction aren’t all good or all bad, they live somewhere in between. Here it’s okay for the prince to have saddle sores from his white steed and the princess’ crown may be a little dinged and askew. They can still have a happily as we are ever after. I’ll have updates on fiction titles like the third book in the Not His Type series, and the launch of the Beverly Avenue Blues series. Other titles Love At First Swing: The Drive For Love, and well as a little something I’m working on, Barefoot In The City How the Pan and an online cooking group Saved my Sanity. There bring you food in the form of updates on two upcoming cookbooks Baking With The Beatles and Cooking with My Nanas. Discovering family, traditions, and love in the kitchen. Both tentative release dates are in 2021 and 2022, respectively. You will also find something about fashion and weddings from time to time. I think we’ll have another category, so stay tuned. I hope you’ll look around. I will be popping in regularly, I have sons that are much more media savvy than I. They’ll keep me on my toes.

Thank you and let’s have some fun.

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