Still A Chick Lit Podcast- From Side Hustle to Serious Business

If you’re a Baby Boomer or Gen-Xer, your parents expected a lot from you. You were supposed to go to college or pursue a trade, after which you’d use your degree or trade certificate to find a good job with a pension and good health benefits. Getting married and starting a family was a part of the deal too.

However, parents also concentrated on fostering a child’s interest in drawing, sewing, painting, writing, or music to name a few, in their formative years. The focus on the practical eventually takes precedence, thus relegating these interests to hobby status.

When the face and overall look at aging began to change, retirement began to mean something different. It was now the key that opened the second act of life. Many people who were former lawyers, teachers, engineers and the like decided to follow their passion to profit both financially and emotionally, Women who are north of forty and fifty are leading the way and taking what was once a side hustle, all the way to the bank.

One woman who is carving out a successful business based on her passion for everything in the kitchen is Lisa Norris. As a girl surrounded by great cooks and bakers, Lisa’s love and passion for cooking and baking was nurtured along the way. With her husband Arnold and daughter Arnelle by her side, Lisa’s had some fantastic culinary adventures that took her to Europe to partake in the sights, smells, and taste of food abroad. A go-to- cook and baker for her friends and colleagues, Lisa started a blog, Pink Salt where she shares her love of cooking and all things related to food from growing/buying to serving. women in my family that were great cooks and bakers as a major influence.

The focus of Pink Salt’s incredible line of baked goods is that of quality and baked from scratch goodness. Using only the best ingredients takes her cookies, cupcakes, pies, cakes, and desserts to another level. We are going to discuss Lisa’s journey from a little girl in Philadelphia to taking cooking classes at world-renowned cooking schools, including Le Cordon Bleu when schools were not only in Paris, but across the pond. We’ll have a chance to learn about the family cooks and bakers that influenced her, how the support of her husband and daughter is a major key to her success, her culinary influences , and how she is growing her dream business.

If you want to learn more about Pink Salt and live in the Philadelphia area, you can contact Lisa to see more of her impressive baking talents, and order one of her special unicorn cupcakes, or decorative theme cookies.

Her email is: Follow her on Facebook and Instagram