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A conversation with female authors and aspiring authors of fabulous fiction, who are north of forty and fifty. We’ll find out what fuels their passion for writing and in their lives. It’s a chance to hear how they are taking on the stereotypes of older characters in romance, chick-lit and women’s fiction.
Thereby getting publishing to realize there is a market that is craving books with characters that are relatable, inspirational, and aspirational. It’s time for their second act, and they are just getting started.

And Just Like That, an Iconic show returns, and we're talking about grey hair? Still A Chick Lit

Like many women who watched Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha's exploits in New York City as thirty (and forty)somethings, we were excited to hear they were coming back to pick up where they left off. Save the fact that Samantha won't be there, now  trolls have maligned the ladies for grey hair. Ageism in the media is still alive and well. Where we the old references for Ocean's Eleven? Nowhere to be found. Fortunately, women have gained more of a voice to point out this double-standard. Let's keep the conversation going so we can turn the page and put men and women on screen and in print, on a level playing field.
  1. And Just Like That, an Iconic show returns, and we're talking about grey hair?
  2. Still a Chick Lit talks dating and relationships north of 40 & 50 plus
  3. What’s coming for Still A Chick Lit beginning in March 2021
  4. Still a chick lit update. Coming back 2021
  5. Introducing aspiring and fabulous forty plus author, Brooke Nolan

Podcasts Coming Soon

September 14, 2020 Interview with aspiring Still A Chick Lit author Brooke Nolan about her novel Worth Waiting For. We will talk about her life, what inspires her, and find out what’s behind her fascinating novel, Worth Waiting For.

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