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Chamein’s Available Novels


Not His Type

When Marcus a high-profile New York baseball player known for his relationships and dalliances with models, actresses, and singers unexpectedly falls in love with a curvy woman who by all accounts is not his type. This unexpected love affair takes this both by surprise and brings up many insecurities of Cathy Chambers who can’t believe he’d fall for a curvy woman and love her curves and all.


The More Things Change

In this sequel to Not His Type, full-figured beauty Cathy Chambers must deal with her own insecurities, the media, and her fiancĂ©’s ex-girlfriends while planning her wedding to the man of her dreams and baseball royalty Marcus.


Bliss Inc

Paige Baldwin and Matthew Smythe meet when Paige ditches another endless blind date and Matthew escapes his brother’s engagement party. The only single man there, he feels like the door prize. They end up in each other’s arms, just for one night. But, oh, what a night! Matthew, a high school history teacher, wants to see Paige again but doesn’t know where she lives. Paige, who owns Bliss, Inc., a wedding-planning company, can’t stop thinking about him. When she wins a prestigious contract to plan the wedding of Michael Smythe and Jennifer Klein, it turns out that Michael is Matthew’s brother. The duo is formally introduced, and their love affair burns up the rails between Long Island and Harlem. Will love triumph over race and class?


Waiting For Mr. Darcy

Three friends over forty still wait for Prince Charming in the form of their favorite Austen character, Mr. Darcy. Not quite ready to turn in their hot chick cards for the hot flashes of menopause, they’d like to find a man who is charming, smug, intelligent, and cute to share the primes of their lives with (even if one of them doesn’t know she’s looking and he’s closer than she thinks). Together they navigate this brave forty-plus world and find out Mr. Darcy is closer than they think.



Mixed Reality

When popular New York City Mayor Douglas Brennan is tapped to be the next junior senator from New York, a secret dalliance is discovered, and the mayor and his wife find their once happily married life threatened by a dangerous political storm.

North Of Forty

Cecelia Carter, Sasha Simms, and Nadine Peterson have worked hard and gained the upper hand in work, life, and love. As curvy women in the bridal world, an industry that’s more about size and image than about the actual marriage, they do their best to keep their clients focused on love, and a life well-lived beyond the “I do.”


I Take This Woman

As the senior editor for Stillwater Publishing, Abigail Cole was the editor from hell. She could bring the mightiest scribes and the biggest egos to heel with the stroke of her famed red pen. However, when the days of the well-crafted book at Stillwater went out of the window in favor of celebrity tell-alls and novels written by the latest neophytes du jour, Abigail packed up her red pen, moved onto greener pastures and started a successful public relations firm with her best friend, Shana Collingsworth.

After seven seasons as quarterback for the New York Giants, Sam Best retired to focus on his legacy and build his future with his fiancée, Maria Carrangelo. So when he was offered a contract to write his life story, it was a no-brainer until he discovered putting pen to paper was harder than he thought. When his manager Reggie Shaw realized his client needed a life preserver, he asked his friend Abby to un-retire her red pen to work with Sam.